Leads & Contacts
Relate's powerful lead & contact management capabilities let you manage your customers and prospects.

Add Lead/Contact

Adding new leads and contacts works the same way. First, you can create a new lead/contact by pressing the +Lead (or +Contact) button on the Lead page (or Contact page) as shown in the screenshot above.

Add Contact

There are several ways to create a Contact.
  • Go to the previously created Lead page and click the + button shown in the screenshot above to add a contact.
  • While creating a new lead, click Add contact data at the bottom of the form to add a contact. (Up to 1 person)
  • Click Contacts in the left menu, and then press +Contact to add a new Contact
You can add contact while adding a new lead by clicking "Add contact data"

Add Lead/Contact Custom Field

As shown in the screenshot above, you can add various types of custom fields to the Lead and Contact lists.
To add new custom fields, find the 'Manage custom fields' menu when you scroll your mouse cursor on your Workspace name. You will see Workspace ellipsis (β‹…β‹…β‹…) in the (See screenshot below)
Alternatively, you can go to https://app.relate.so/ to manage custom fields.
Below is a screenshot example of managing Custom Fields.

Types of Custom Field

Field Data Type
Supports plain text format. Great for leaving a short, one-line comment.
Multi-line text
Supports more than one line of text. Perfect for leaving long comments.
Number format.
Date format.
Date and time format.
When entering data, you can select an option from a drop-down menu. Data is separated by comma(,).
If you want to select more than one option, check Accept multiple values when adding the custom field.
Resource: Users
You can select team members in your workspace.
It is suitable for designating an owner.
Resource: Contacts
You can select one of the contacts within a lead (or a company). It is suitable for designating the main point of contact for a customer.
You can take advantage of custom fields to store and manage various customer information essential to your team. In the future, we will add more data fields such as Deal, URL, or email address.
To check Custom Field modifications reflected immediately, relaunch the Relate app or refresh it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R (macOS: Cmd+Shift+R) if the app is already running.

Lead/Contact Filtering

`Filter` lets you (literally) add filters to your Lead or Contacts list.
For example, you can create a list of leads that you should follow up on this week. To create this, you can apply a filter Updated at + is after + Date.

Applying Multiple Filters

When applying more than 1 filter, you can apply one of the two conditions: And / Or.
  • And: Lead/contact that fulfills both Filter A and Filter B.
  • Or: Lead/contact that fulfills at least one of the Filter A and Filter B.

Customize Columns on Lead/Contact Page

The Lead/Contact list can be customized by clicking the Customize columns button at the top right corner.
  • You can change the order between columns
  • You can choose to hide/show columns
You can save the arrangement by clicking the Save as default button. This customization will be shared with the entire workspace.